November 2019

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Canadian islanders angry over US mail searches

Image copyright Portland Press Herald via Getty Images Image caption Former US president Franklin Roosevelt used to holiday on Campobello Campobello, a small Canadian island on the southwestern tip of New Brunswick, is only accessible year-round by bridge from the US state of Maine. US Customs agents have recently begun intercepting mail sent by Canada’s…

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The hunt for a unique advent calendar

Advent calendars have become big business for children and adults alike, signalling the start of the Christmas countdown. But for lots of disabled children they can be a no-go – the fiddly doors require dexterity to open, sweets may not be allowed for medical reasons and the concept might not make any sense to them.…

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General election 2019: What impact on UK security and intelligence?

Image copyright PA Media Image caption UK intelligence agencies, including GCHQ (pictured), have close ties with their US counterparts Would a change of government alter the UK’s security and intelligence relationships?Yes. And no. If that sounds like an evasive politician’s answer, that’s because there are many layers to this question.When an attack takes place, like…

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General election 2019: What’s pledged for disability and mental health?

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionNikki Fox on the hurdles and options for disabled voters With 13 million disabled people in the country, plus their friends and family, the political parties have a huge community to court.Universal credit is still making headlines, while the main parties are divided on what to do…

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‘How Brexit changed my vote’

People often have long-standing loyalties to the political parties the support, but for some, Brexit has changed all that. The BBC has been speaking to some voters who have switch allegiances ahead of the 12 Decmber general election.

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Extinction Rebellion: The ‘reluctant activists’ facing criminal records

Image copyright Getty Images Thousands of people from across the UK have been arrested this year as part of climate change protests that police said have stretched resources.Extinction Rebellion activists have caused disruption to countless commuters and, in London alone, police estimated their action had cost an extra £37m.The movement has drawn support from some…

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London Bridge: Why was the attacker, Usman Khan, out of prison?

Image copyright West Midlands Police Usman Khan came to the attention of counter-terrorism investigators because he was involved in a highly active cell around Stoke-on-Trent, part of a wider network of radicals then headed by the preacher Anjem Choudary.MI5 and the West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit had intelligence that a group of nine men from…

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‘Hot Priest’ London vicar’s 60-second sermons an Instagram hit

Reverend Chris Lee has become an internet sensation as a result of his 60-second sermons on Twitter and Instagram.The vicar, likened to the ‘Hot Priest’ from the BBC comedy Fleabag, posts videos to try and bring the Gospel to younger people.The sermons have led to an expansion of his White City congregation in west London…

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Cambodia’s first gay dance company

Prumsodun Ok is a choreographer and founder of Cambodia’s first gay dance company.He performs Khmer dance, an ancient dance form with roots in Buddhism, Hinduism and animist practices in the region.Khmer dance used to be performed by both men and women, but over the last few centuries has become associated mainly with female dancers. Prumsodun…


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