December 2019

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The region which legislates who you can love

Image copyright LGBTI Political Leaders of the Americas Conference Image caption Senator Aziza Lake says homophobia is “ingrained” in much of the Caribbean “It’s mainly snide remarks due to toxic masculinity,” Aziza Lake says. But homophobia in Antigua and Barbuda sometimes manifests itself in sporadic brutality too, she continues.In her rainbow-coloured shirt and hat, seated…

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Could relatives of measles virus jump from animals to us?

Image copyright SPL Image caption Artwork: Measles is one member of an extended family of viruses We’ve seen recent spikes in measles infections.Some European countries, including the UK, lost their measles-free status and many developing countries, especially parts of Africa, Asia and Oceania are seeing frequent outbreaks.The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is experiencing…

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Why mature dating apps are coming of age

Image caption Lorna is part of a growing trend for over-50s to use dating apps Is your new year’s resolution to find true love? If so, you may well be considering a dating app for your phone. Thanks to trailblazers like Tinder, online dating has gone mainstream. And mature daters want in on the action…

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Are your friends bad for your health?

Image copyright Getty Images At the start of a new year, lots of people will resolve to make a healthy lifestyle change. Many find resolutions like cutting back on unhealthy snacks or taking part in a weekend fitness class easier when friends and family are making the same changes. However, not all decisions affecting our…

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New Year’s Eve: London fireworks celebrate start of 2020

The UK has seen in the start of the new decade.In London, some 12,000 fireworks lit up the capital’s skyline, with 100,000 tickets being bought for the event.Big Ben’s chimes sounded the start of the display, despite them being silent this year while renovation work is completed.Read more: Revellers across the UK usher in 2020

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What year is it?

Media player Media playback is unsupported on your device Video While many are celebrating the start of 2020, there are other calendars in use around the world for which it’s a different year altogether. 01 Jan 2020 Go to next video: Why do we celebrate New Year on 1 January?

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The story of the aeroplane house in Nigeria’s capital Abuja

Said Jammal has spent 20 years building the family’s unusual home in the Nigerian capital Abuja.The construction manager says he wanted to leave a legacy behind, as well as a gift to his family and the country. The house has now become a tourist attraction. BBC Pidgin went to meet him. Video journalist: Sarah Tiamiyu

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Who’d be a lifeguard for cold water swimmers?

Plunging into icy cold water is, for a small but hardy minority, an ideal way to start the new year or mark the festive season.Outdoor swimming has been growing in popularity, and there’s evidence that increasing numbers of people are taking the plunge in winter – and not just during holiday periods.Enthusiasts speak of a…


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